Welcome to Chambersongs! Since my Dad put a guitar in my hands at the age of 5, I've been passionate about playing music. I am switching domains here so I can post some sound files of the original material I'm recording for a CD I hope to release early in 2016. The songs were written over the last 30 years at various times in my life. I've performed as a Tenor Sax player in a funk band, a Pedal Steel player in various country bands as well as solo projects throughout. I hope you will listen to what I have to say and, more importantly, I hope these words will speak to you as they have spoken to me!

We're live again as of November 2015, life got in the way here (along with some health related concerns over the summer of 2015). I plan on having some tunes uploaded including "The Old Man" which I wrote a long time ago to honor the memory of one of Iowa's transportation pioneers, Paul Crouse. The song was recorded here in my home studio with the help of Dennis Bateman (my old partner in the Loess Hills Acoustic Music Festival) on backup guitars. I am doing all the vocals, as well as lead guitar and Pedal Steel Guitar. I'm working with my tax people to re-activate Missing & Presumed Golfing LLC, which was formed as an umbrella organization for the Music Festival. I will be doing business as MPG Productions LLC and any correspondence regarding my work should be directed to the production company at P.O. Box 35, Sidney, IA 51652.

The more things change.......... 

I am excited to finally get to work on a project that has started and got sidetracked by a computer virus. I had recorded 10 tracks for "The Old Man" CD and my Windows Based system got a virus called "Bagel". All 10 tracks were lost along with the entire Hard Drive contents of a Dell machine I had specially set  up for recording. Thanks to the good folks at Mid-City in Omaha, I have switched to an Apple based setup on a Mac Book Pro. I am using PreSonus Studio 2 and, so far. it seems far more stable than any Windows platform I've tried!  For an old Analog guy like me, digital recording is pretty intense and time-consuming. All of my recording experience to this point has been in a traditional "studio" environment. I sat in a soundproof booth with an instrument and the engineer told me when we were rolling, I played or sang my part, and somebody took care of mixing, tweaking, editing and whatever other magic sound engineers do. 

In the brave new world of digital home recording, it's all down to me. I get to not only write and perform the material, I do all the mixing of multiple tracks, overdubs, and effects. As Norman Blake once said "I'm not used to all this paraphernalia, I'm just a Hillside Musician". I've studied, read books, and played around with digital enough now to feel reasonably competent in the digital world. My intention is to maintain an "old-timey" feel to my recordings since I truly despise the auto-tuned, fake sounding music that seems to get all the airplay. Please bear with me as I post updates here on the blog page of my new website. I'm sure it will be a ride!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Dan" steeler" Chambers
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        18 November 2015


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